An Inventor’s Steady Success

For our economy to be flourishing there has to be a successful relationship of large and small businesses occurring. In many cases, larger businesses go into direct partnership with smaller businesses. This was present in my post last week detailing some important ideas small businesses should remember when that happens. Another way large businesses can adequately do business with a smaller company is by using their innovations and ideas. I recently read an article detailing a man who has worked with numerous large corporations in bringing hit toys and products to the marketplace. His consistency of work leads to the wonder of his specific strategy. The inventors name is Dave Small. He collected his current knowledge by immersing himself into the innovative toy market. Over the years his steady product design and ideas has made him a huge asset to nearly a dozen large companies. He relates some of his success to just pure luck and good timing but his understanding of the industry and how it works has been the main reason. Some of his industry beliefs are:

1) Not all ideas are going to be recognized warmly by the client.
-By this Dave Small means that it’s primarily a numbers game. You should increase the number of ideas you are presenting and not get stuck on one to long. You must keep moving on to the next idea. The future is only one thought away

2) Have respect for what your doing.
-Dave Small knows the industry and that if he presents a product idea now, he will not get paid until upwards of a year or so. He believes in having the financial resources to be able to go out and live in this industry. He also strongly feels the need to understand why things are popular and not popular and to take the chance when you are presented it.

3) Learn from your experiences.
– Dave feels that what better way to learn then being in the process. Every time you do work with a company you should note at what they do good and bad and compare this to other companies you work with. Soon you’ll be able to tell the mechanics of a whole corporation very quickly.

4) Creativity breeds creativity.
– Dave Small surrounds himself with other creative people. This enables them to feed off of each other’s ideas and goals. It is much easier to think and create as a team then by yourself. The more people involved only brings in more introspective and opinions into the discussions so that the best logical outcome can be aroused.

With these beliefs, Dave Small has had an amazing career. By following these traits of success, one can be on their own way to a glorious inventive career. The most important thing to remember is to just keep trying.

The next big idea is still waiting to be thought up!

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