Enough with working for someone else!

So you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss. No set hours and no one to take orders from. Sounds great right?! Well it is. It’s everything you dreamed of but it takes a lot of responsibility and at times can be very stressful. If your passionate about your ideas though and ready to jump into it, then make sure to follow these few steps to better your chances of creating a successful small business.

Firstly you have to set up a plan. Starting a business is a major endeavor that can cost a lot of money. A well-formulated outline of your specific goals is a must, especially if you’re going to be trying to receive a loan of some sort. The outline should depict your starting point and how your ending point will be reached. Adjustments can always be made, but it is best to follow your original plan.

Secondly you must clearly identify the market to see where you will best fit in. Where will your services or product most be needed? By figuring this out, you can set up your business in a place where it will thrive. Remember location and timing is everything! Also you must take into an account of the competition you will be facing and how they are doing their business. It is best to make yourself as unique as possible so people will want what you are offering

Thirdly, you must remember how hard it is to start your own businesses. All the glories sound great but when the facts come out only half of the small businesses that are started make it to the five-year point. So it is important to prepare for the stormy weather you may face. All to many times do business owners learn this the hard way, when it is too late. By preparing for slow times and creating an annual budget to last you will be much better prepared to face whatever the future holds.

Lastly you must always remember to trust your gut instinct. You wanted to be your own boss for a reason; you like and believe in your ideas. So be faithful to yourself! You know what is best for your business; so do not doubt your thinking.

If the dream and desire is there, and these steps are followed, you can be on your way up the self-employment ladder!


2 Responses to “Enough with working for someone else!”

  1. Wes, I agree 100% on having your own business and not working for someone else! great post!

  2. I agree Wes! Great post it would be really amazing being your own boss and not having to be worried that you will have to work for a horrible boss.

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