Do business owners dream of the future?

Recently I came across a copy of the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. (Now before I say anything about the book, go ahead and just order your own copy online. The messages found within are at the upmost importance in the future of worldwide business negotiations. BUY HERE)

Now back to the book.
It is an exciting read that details life in 2021 San Francisco. In a world where most of the population has moved away, the story follows a bounty hunter who goes around “retiring” androids. The man determines whether they are human or not by giving the subjects a test to reveal empathy. Intertwined with his pursuits, much is revealed about the postmodern society our world has resulted too. The Earth has become filled with notions of uncertainty and doubt, it is dominated by multi-nation corporation entities and signs of simulacra copies are everywhere.

Upon completion of the book and consideration of the messages it holds though, I interpreted several meanings that relate directly to our current society and my blog’s outlook focus. In accordance with my blog’s value of a small business mindset of ethics when dealing in future relations, there are many examples in the book that yield support for that focus.

One of the main overlaying messages I derived from the story was the negative aspect that surround a corporate mentality way of thinking. I also found that the book’s postmodern setting allowed for the precaution of a corporate dominated world filled with doubts and fakes. And finally the book even highlights the extreme importance of empathy in our world and the future.

By seeing these basic concepts being played out to the extremes in the futuristic book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, we can realize that our world is starting to trend down that dark road. By taking into account the lessons that emerge though, we can be cautious of this road and maybe deter it altogether.

So in the story, we see the mass production of androids by the multi-nation Rosen Corporation. We can see this relating to any number of huge corporations that exist in our current society today. The Rosen Institute looked to assemble a droid product that was indistinguishable from a real human. The way they look to achieve this at all costs is what strikes me the most. A website review of the book shows a quote that implies perfectly the true mentality of this corporation, “So that’s how the largest manufactor of androids operates… devious, and in a manner [Deckard] had never encountered before. A weird and convoluted new personality type.”
Philbin’s Review of Androids?

The corporation ends up just being the true villain of the story, causing danger to the human race. This just shows how the corporate mindset should not be one employed in the future. We don’t want our world becoming any more dominated by conglomerates then it already is.

In continuation with the book’s extremeness, the whole setting is in a very postmodern society. By examining another review of the book, the definition of a postmodern world was revealed to me. It essentially means a society that has regressed from today and now holds strong concepts like: doubt and uncertainty, corporation dominance and mass simulacra.

We must realize that our current world is beginning to show signs of postmodernsim. By realizing the ill effects it has on the future in the book, we can look to prevent this from happening in real life.

The entire book is filled with notions of uncertainty. Most of them arise from the bounty hunter’s work on figuring out if a subject is an android or not, but he also faces the constant question of if what he is doing is right or wrong? We see signs of uncertainty in our current world but at this point it isn’t overpowering yet. More security in cohesive business ethics must become more prominent so we can avoid this in our future.

Another notion of this postmodern future we can avoid is the dominance of corporations and their power above nations. We see this in the book, when the Soviet and the Western governments lost ability to legislate against the powerful Rosen Association. We see strong signs of powerful corporations in our society today and we must not let their power and force over others become any greater. The highest authority body must remain in the government, not a private sector.

The final concept of a postmodern society we see in the book is mass simulacra. This means that there are notions of copies everywhere. From androids posing as humans, to electric animals pretending to be real ones. This easily relates to our current culture because unfortunately notions of fake copies are everywhere. We see companies disregard any patents or infringements and go ahead and produce a product that copies another all the time.
Postmodern Concepts in Androids?

By learning from these lessons that emerge in this futuristic postmodern world, we can shape our future interactions to prevent this from becoming our own world.

Although most of the concepts here are set up in a way where we are suppose to learn from them and not follow them, we can also see a good message to follow in the importance of empathy in the book. In the book, humans are able to be distinguished from androids because they show empathy. This is a valuable lesson that we can take into account in our own society. The increase of empathy towards others will only increase business relations for the better.
Present Empathy in Androids?

By ultimately seeing the situation that surrounds this future in the book, we can look at the problems to determine what to do in our own world. We see a negative sense of corporate minded thinking, so we can pursue a more small business outlook of ethics for our future. We also see a prominence of postmodern concepts in the book, like doubt, corporate dominance and mass simulacra. We can realize that our country is slowly heading in this direction and we need to change our thinking so we don’t end up the same future as the story. Finally, we see the significance of empathy in the world. This should be the biggest thing taken away from the book and this is the notion that is extremely important in future business negotiations.

So go out and read this book, at least for the sake of our future.


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