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Evaluation of Ethics

Posted in Other, Reviews on December 7, 2010 by wesleywilliam

We have to learn from the mistakes of our past. In looking back in history, we are witnesses to the destructive effects of unethical leadership from companies like Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and various banks. These companies not only brought a mess to their own businesses but to our whole country as well.

So how did this happen? And what can we do?

Well what we have to do is be more ethical. This basically means just doing the right thing.

In a business sense, the notion of ethics is primarily put on the standard of conduct by the individual business workers, not the business as a whole.

This is what went wrong in those companies. The leaders put too much emphasis on being profitable that they undercut many basic fundamentals of business relations.

So where we have to start is with the individual workers. The best way to teach ethics is by being a personal example. It is not as simple as just telling someone what to do. The way individuals handle themselves when dealing with others is aroused from a lifetime of behavior. Human beings are creatures of habit. We must turn this habit into being ethically sound to others.

There are many benefits that occur when individuals understand this true importance of ethics in our world. Bosses who treat their workers with more dignity and respect will only be gifted with individuals who are more loyal, honest and hardworking. Same goes for business relations between companies. If these relationships are improved to acknowledge the significance of ethics then business relations will only become more concrete and successful.

It’s a win-win for everyone when individuals begin treating others the way they want to be treated.

I mean that’s the golden rule after all isn’t it?

We must head into the new year of 2011 with a new profound sense of compassion and moral ethical principles.

Importance of Ethics in Business


Behaviors of Successful Business Owners

Posted in Other, Reviews on December 3, 2010 by wesleywilliam

In this video, Ron Finklestein discuses how to create a profitable business and avoiding common mistakes.

-Common issues every business faces:
1) Making more money
2) Having more free time
3) Having productive employees

Ron relates a 3 level process for achieving success in those areas.
This process is essentially attitude, strategy and discipline.
Really a simple strategy but effective! Check out his speech.

Business Community

Posted in Other, Reviews on November 13, 2010 by wesleywilliam

This week I searched the web to find related blogs and sites in my community. I found that many of these could be helpful to my readers in areas of their business, so I decided to review a series of them and included the link if it interests you.

Development Performance– a nice and organized site designed to help in areas of managing a company. Geared towards increasing success. Talks about new practices using technology to get better organized and increase performance.


Risk & Business– provides real facts and information about the owning of a small business. Discusses areas of insurance and liability of a company. Valuable and prudent information to know.


Small Business Branding– a site that details ways to appeal to a certain audience and how to shape your brand or product to fit that. Also goes over good relationship lessons when handling work with other businesses.

Secret Women’s Business Network– a fun site for women in the business field. This site includes business coaching and tips in a way that is mannered towards woman. A Whole discourse community between females.


Wealth and Wisdom– A site that promotes a balance of life with the goal of success through entrepreneurship. Very aimed at the self-employed individual. Stresses the importance of maintaining sanity through the adventure of work and life.


Shoe String Venue– A very in depth blog about the start up of a company. Contains many different aspects that would be of assistance to anyone in the position of creating a business.


Blog Analysis

Posted in Non-Business, Other, Reviews on October 30, 2010 by wesleywilliam

The community one is involved in tells a lot about that person. It can distinguish whom they are and what they intend to say. In the case of online identities and communities, the same reasoning can be resulted. In a business blog community, one would find a similar group of people writing for similar yet various reasons. In the case of the blog Small Business Trends by Anita Campbell, a clear and decisive view point she believes in is quickly established.

Anita Campbell is now a middle-aged lawyer. Over her career, after attending law school and getting a degree, she has been a part of business. She has slowly but surely gravitated more to the business side of things. Eventually she started her own business and felt she had an advantage because of her law background and knowledge. This storyline gives the author a good sense of credibility. It tugs at the ethos of the readers because they feel as if she can be helpful to them.

Anita has aimed her blog at a very specific group of individuals. She has narrowed it to basically cover people who are considering, starting or are involved in maintaining a successful small business. She does not segregate a specific age group or gender; it is just to the small business owners. Anita’s audience is mostly uninformed about most of the knowledge she is dealing out, so this makes Anita look very credible again.

Anita’s blog is fairly basic, but there is a good deal of information on it. This is perfectly fitting towards her audience because she doesn’t mess around with frivolous things; she just lays out the points she wants to make. Her audience is able to pick up tips and strategies on a number of issues. This pulls at the pathos of the readers, because Anita is writing to help them. She includes personal anecdotes that the readers really value and find helpful based on their comments.

Anita also posts fairly often, even on the weekends. This continued and not forgotten sense of schedule is very appealing to the readers because they feel that they can continuously keep receiving tips and guidelines to running their business. This is comforting for the readers! They want to continue to come back and get help.

By examining a specific blog in a discourse community, I was able to distinguish why it was successful. This was useful because I can channel my blog, which is in the same online community, to use those features, which made her blog successful.

Enough with working for someone else!

Posted in Other, Reviews on October 23, 2010 by wesleywilliam

So you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss. No set hours and no one to take orders from. Sounds great right?! Well it is. It’s everything you dreamed of but it takes a lot of responsibility and at times can be very stressful. If your passionate about your ideas though and ready to jump into it, then make sure to follow these few steps to better your chances of creating a successful small business.

Firstly you have to set up a plan. Starting a business is a major endeavor that can cost a lot of money. A well-formulated outline of your specific goals is a must, especially if you’re going to be trying to receive a loan of some sort. The outline should depict your starting point and how your ending point will be reached. Adjustments can always be made, but it is best to follow your original plan.

Secondly you must clearly identify the market to see where you will best fit in. Where will your services or product most be needed? By figuring this out, you can set up your business in a place where it will thrive. Remember location and timing is everything! Also you must take into an account of the competition you will be facing and how they are doing their business. It is best to make yourself as unique as possible so people will want what you are offering

Thirdly, you must remember how hard it is to start your own businesses. All the glories sound great but when the facts come out only half of the small businesses that are started make it to the five-year point. So it is important to prepare for the stormy weather you may face. All to many times do business owners learn this the hard way, when it is too late. By preparing for slow times and creating an annual budget to last you will be much better prepared to face whatever the future holds.

Lastly you must always remember to trust your gut instinct. You wanted to be your own boss for a reason; you like and believe in your ideas. So be faithful to yourself! You know what is best for your business; so do not doubt your thinking.

If the dream and desire is there, and these steps are followed, you can be on your way up the self-employment ladder!

Successful relationships between large and small businesses

Posted in Other, Reviews on October 9, 2010 by wesleywilliam

Many large companies are viewed very negatively by small businesses. This can be a reasonable assumption to them though, because of the greediness seen by large corporations frequently. For example, the last post titled “Hao Sheng Yi” detailed a specific example of a bad relationship between the two. When relations are done appropriately though, small and large business can execute efficient business plans. Large companies can be partners, distributors, and even customers to small businesses.

When large companies serve as business partners with small companies, there are several tips that businesses should consider before singing into a connection. Firstly the small business should do adequate research about the larger corporation. Many business propositions sound glamorous on the surface but the finer details can bring significant complications to the relationship. Small businesses also need to maintain sound business practices. Another tip is to recognize that the large companies need to make profit also if a partnership is to be formed. This can sometimes be difficult for a small business owner to comprehend when larger businesses are asking for large percentage share. Small businesses should never be intimated though, and should stand strong to their beliefs. If the cards end up not being right, then they aren’t right. In this case the small business should think twice about entering into an agreement. If they do chose to though, the small business should defiantly set up clear and open lines with strong communication methods to maintain good and honest relations.

Large companies can also be beneficial to smaller businesses as distributors. In this case, large businesses can increase small business relations very quickly. This can be the only option sometimes because large retail chains hold shelf space for only larger distribution companies they do work with. Large businesses can also be beneficial customers. This is frequent in production lines and other manufacturing companies.

Good relationships can be formed between large and small businesses. In the case of my moms business, she has entered a partnership with a distribution company. The larger company was able to get the product into retail space that my mom’s company would have had a very hard time doing. Large businesses can serve as excellent advancements for small businesses if the proper agreements are made.

Business Life

Posted in Other on September 18, 2010 by wesleywilliam

I entered the business world at a young age. When I was five, I (like most people at this time) had been drawn into the Beanie Baby craze. I grew a fondness for them and was saddened at night when I would lose them in my sleep. One morning after waking up to a missing companion, I went down stairs and told my mom I wanted a pocket on my pillowcase so the stuffed animal would not get lost.

That was the start of it all. Inventor at 5.

Since then my mom and I have been in the pursuit of successful entrepreneurship. She has several patents (yes, a pocket on a pillowcase was the first) and many copyrights and has kept me involved in the entire process. We flew to China to check out mass productions, talked over contracts and came up with new ideas. I have learned a great deal from all of this. I have seen first hand the relationship between small and big businesses. The pitfalls, mountain climbs and the valleys in between. It’s been a great experience for myself. Although I don’t know exactly what I want to do in my life, I know I want to have my career in the field of business.

Until then, I’m just a business studying college student putting out my current ideas, experiences and knowledge.

-Wes Connolly