Business Community

This week I searched the web to find related blogs and sites in my community. I found that many of these could be helpful to my readers in areas of their business, so I decided to review a series of them and included the link if it interests you.

Development Performance– a nice and organized site designed to help in areas of managing a company. Geared towards increasing success. Talks about new practices using technology to get better organized and increase performance.


Risk & Business– provides real facts and information about the owning of a small business. Discusses areas of insurance and liability of a company. Valuable and prudent information to know.


Small Business Branding– a site that details ways to appeal to a certain audience and how to shape your brand or product to fit that. Also goes over good relationship lessons when handling work with other businesses.

Secret Women’s Business Network– a fun site for women in the business field. This site includes business coaching and tips in a way that is mannered towards woman. A Whole discourse community between females.


Wealth and Wisdom– A site that promotes a balance of life with the goal of success through entrepreneurship. Very aimed at the self-employed individual. Stresses the importance of maintaining sanity through the adventure of work and life.


Shoe String Venue– A very in depth blog about the start up of a company. Contains many different aspects that would be of assistance to anyone in the position of creating a business.



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