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By: Philip K. DickI have recently been reading the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. It is set in a future society where things are quite different from our world today. It has been fairly entertaining, but after reading an article reviewing the aspects of the book, I have become even more intrigued by the novel.

An independent scholar and researcher, named Ben H. Wright, was the author of the article. His main point to be made is that the book is postmodernist. Wright defines postmodernism as the “emphasis on consideration of a person’s gender, race and sexual orientation” in society. Wright believed that these subjects were fairly common in the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Several well-known thinkers, Lyotard, Jameson and Baudrillard, have also distinguished certain tendencies that they believe typify a postmodern society. Wright has pointed out that all three of their notions are featured in the book. Lyotard narrows postmodernism to a mood of uncertainty and distrust, which is very prominent in the Dick’s android story. Jameson has concluded in his thoughts that postmodern societies are dominant with multinational corporations. This coincides with the book in the Western and Soviet governments’ inability to legislate against the Rosen Association. Baudrillard details the belief of the ‘simulacrum’, the copy with no original. Wright states that the book plays by this third belief of postmodernism by the viewing of the androids as copies of real humans.

Wright also believes that the book prevails a sense of ‘splitting’ of characters. Many of the characters and androids in the story can be viewed as double personalities of the main character Rick Deckard. For example, the character Luba Luft caused him to question his own humanity and Phil Resch’s character showed Rick insight about empathy or lack there of it. The character is presented with metaphorical divided personalities.

Ben H. Wright’s review of the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was very beneficial to my understanding. He stated his beliefs that the story largely followed many top theories of postmodernism. This review was only one of the many books and authors he has written about. Wright is very passionate about his readings and concepts and writes to an educated audience that is able to comprehend his thinking. His reviews are not for the casual reader, but for the person who wants to understand the deeper elements and aspects of a story and book. This review has undoubtedly expanded my thought and enabled me to realize the depth the author, Philip K. Dick, presented in his writings. His perception of a postmodern society so long ago is what’s truly amazing to me. I would strongly recommend this read to anyone who has time to spare.

Postmodernism in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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