Blog Analysis

The community one is involved in tells a lot about that person. It can distinguish whom they are and what they intend to say. In the case of online identities and communities, the same reasoning can be resulted. In a business blog community, one would find a similar group of people writing for similar yet various reasons. In the case of the blog Small Business Trends by Anita Campbell, a clear and decisive view point she believes in is quickly established.

Anita Campbell is now a middle-aged lawyer. Over her career, after attending law school and getting a degree, she has been a part of business. She has slowly but surely gravitated more to the business side of things. Eventually she started her own business and felt she had an advantage because of her law background and knowledge. This storyline gives the author a good sense of credibility. It tugs at the ethos of the readers because they feel as if she can be helpful to them.

Anita has aimed her blog at a very specific group of individuals. She has narrowed it to basically cover people who are considering, starting or are involved in maintaining a successful small business. She does not segregate a specific age group or gender; it is just to the small business owners. Anita’s audience is mostly uninformed about most of the knowledge she is dealing out, so this makes Anita look very credible again.

Anita’s blog is fairly basic, but there is a good deal of information on it. This is perfectly fitting towards her audience because she doesn’t mess around with frivolous things; she just lays out the points she wants to make. Her audience is able to pick up tips and strategies on a number of issues. This pulls at the pathos of the readers, because Anita is writing to help them. She includes personal anecdotes that the readers really value and find helpful based on their comments.

Anita also posts fairly often, even on the weekends. This continued and not forgotten sense of schedule is very appealing to the readers because they feel that they can continuously keep receiving tips and guidelines to running their business. This is comforting for the readers! They want to continue to come back and get help.

By examining a specific blog in a discourse community, I was able to distinguish why it was successful. This was useful because I can channel my blog, which is in the same online community, to use those features, which made her blog successful.

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