Business Life

I entered the business world at a young age. When I was five, I (like most people at this time) had been drawn into the Beanie Baby craze. I grew a fondness for them and was saddened at night when I would lose them in my sleep. One morning after waking up to a missing companion, I went down stairs and told my mom I wanted a pocket on my pillowcase so the stuffed animal would not get lost.

That was the start of it all. Inventor at 5.

Since then my mom and I have been in the pursuit of successful entrepreneurship. She has several patents (yes, a pocket on a pillowcase was the first) and many copyrights and has kept me involved in the entire process. We flew to China to check out mass productions, talked over contracts and came up with new ideas. I have learned a great deal from all of this. I have seen first hand the relationship between small and big businesses. The pitfalls, mountain climbs and the valleys in between. It’s been a great experience for myself. Although I don’t know exactly what I want to do in my life, I know I want to have my career in the field of business.

Until then, I’m just a business studying college student putting out my current ideas, experiences and knowledge.

-Wes Connolly


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